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Daikin Ducted Systems

Whole House Cooling

Superior Intelligence. Daikin's Inverter air conditioners are so intelligent that, when in Auto Mode, they consider all the factors that affect your comfort such as outdoor and indoor temperatures.

They then remember your preferred setting in similar conditions and make subtle adjustments to the temperature so you feel totally comfortable. Because this intelligence eliminates excessive cooling and heating, it also achieves energy savings.

Program Dry reduces humidity levels to keep you comfortable when things become a little sticky!

Because the Daikin Inverter has increased power at start-up, the desired temperature is reached quickly.

Inside a Inverter

Daikin's Inverter Outdoor Ducted units benefit from significant advances in technology.

This quiet operation is possible because of innovative design improvements to key components. 

  1. Reluctance DC Compressor generates more power using less electricity.
  2. DC Sine-Wave Inverter smooths the motor rotation resulting in definite reduction in noise and much greater efficiency. 
  3. Heat-divide type heat exchanger: The area of heat exchanging is widened to improve efficiency.  
  4. New Super Cooling circuit
  5. DC Fan Motor
  6. Compressor Linked Fan control
  7. Hybrid Aerofoil Fan, high-flared bell mouth, and super aero grille: a newly designed fan, with improved air flow analysis techniques developed by NASA, provides smoother air flow while at the same time offering a greater reduction in power consumption. 
  8. Intelligent precise temperature control

Nav Ease Controller

Key Features:

• Backlight display
• Large buttons and arrow keys for simple operation
• Guide on display
• Weekly schedule timer
• Multilingual display (display available English, German, French,
Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Russian and Turkish)


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